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Regeneration in East Durham

Housing Regeneration in East DurhamExternal repairs and improvements to private sector housing stock in run down areas of East Durham.

We have completed five phases of regeneration in East Durham for Durham County Council. The projects have involved improvements to private sector homes, both owner occupied and tenanted, along with upgrading of the environment.

The Objective

C-regeneration-01C-regeneration-03These projects involved more than 350 homes in Dawdon and Easington.

Each home had works of repair to the external envelope including chimneys, roofline, window and door replacement. In addition the environment was improved through repair and replacement of garden fencing, yard walls and gates, garage doors and street furniture.

Close and effective liaison with the residents was an essential on this project and we developed an approach that placed our site management team at the centre of this aspect of the project.

Regular surgeries were held and all residents were able to attend – queries were dealt with directly by the site manager so decisions were made quickly and residents were given accurate information from ‘the horse’s mouth’.

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