T Manners & Sons Ltd hold certification from the industry leading Exova BMTRADA Q-Mark for the manufacture of fire doors. This third party certification scheme brings the reassurance for building owners and the Responsible Person that every door supplied will meet the specification.
The component parts of a fire door; door leaf, frame, seals and essential building hardware are specified in door’s test evidence and any variation may have a significant effect on the performance of the door. Certification by Exova BMTRADA Q-Mark ensures that manufacturing standards are maintained and every door meets the standard of the sample tested.


If you have a requirement for fire doors, whether on  a supply and fix or supply only basis, we would be delighted to discuss your requirements. Please contact us through this website link or directly by emailing or calling Steve Hodges at steve.hodges@tmanners.co.uk or on 01388 774030

Download our explanatory leaflet here.